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zip or unzip any compressed file format –
7ip, zip, rar, winrar and much more!


MM Unzipper is only available for Mac.
You may still download it but the .dmg file will only work on Mac.

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MM Unzipper is Easy

Get MM Unzipper

MM Unzipper on your computer. MM Unzipper is completely FREE.

Unzip a File

Right-click on the file you wish to open. Select MM Unzipper > Open Archive. MM Unzipper is completely FREE.

Zip a File

Right click on the file you wish to compress. Select MM Unzipper > Add To Archive.

What is MM Unzipper?

MM Unzipper is a file archiver – just like WinZip or WinRAR. MM Unzipper can open compressed files or compress files. The best part: MM Unzipper is completely FREE.

Have you ever received a file attachment that you couldn't open? Or maybe you need to compress a file to save space on your hard drive or so you can attach it to an email? MM Unzipper is the perfect solution! With MM Unzipper, you can open archived files or compress files into one or groups of files. Everyone should have this free, easy to use file archiving solution!

Experience MM Unzipper – Download Now!

Zip and unzip all your files

MM Unzipper is compatible with all file formats! Open or compress whatever files you need.

Efficient compression speeds

MM Unzipper is faster & 70% more efficient than WinZip & WinRAR.

Saves money

MM Unzipper is FREE! Save up to $30 by using MM Unzipper instead of WinZIP or WinRAR.

MM Unzipper is Free to Download

MM Unzipper is 100% free because we are supported by advertisers. MM Unzipper is a free product to download and free to use.

During the installation process, you may see optional third-party software offers that we ask you to view. There is no obligation to download these products; you will still receive MM Unzipper.

MMPlayer is only available for Mac

You may still download it but the .dmg file will only work on Mac.